Welcome To Honey Bee Genetics

We created this site to share our love for Honey Bees and to sell our stock, directly to hobby and commercial beekeepers across the United States and Europe.

Located in California, we have been selecting for disease resistance for twenty years. We were pioneers in this technique and today, we are continuing to work towards the goal of producing healthy bees.

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Beginning Beekeeper?

If you are a beginner, we want to encourage you to try beekeeping and feel the excitement of establishing your own bee hives. You also can discover how to produce honey in your own field or backyard!

Installing your first package? To learn how to install your new package of bees, click here!

Do you need to re-queen?

If you currently have colonies, re-queening with our queens will improve your hives that are harmed by disease or non-productive queens.

Need to learn more about hygenic queens? This article, by Marla Spivak and Gary Reuter, printed in BeeCulture  describes the term and the benefits of a hygenic queen. Click here to read this important article.

Ordering Bees

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