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Selecting queen cells 

 Selecting the best queen cells:

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In July of 2010, a story about Honey Bee Genetics appeared in the July issue of American Bee Journal, documenting how the company was founded and the challenges facing beekeepers and honey bees over the last twenty years. 

A Legacy Blossoms in Vacaville documents the care and professional skill that staff at HBG uses in raising quality, disease-resistant queens during one of the busiest times of the year. It also reveals the philosophies of Tom Parisian and Steve Taber in their scientific approach to combatting the severe diseases that have impacted colonies over the last twenty years.

If you're thinking of raising bees, or if you're searching for a source of packages or queens, this article will help you understand why thousands of professional and hobbiest beekeepers return each year to Honey Bee Genetics.

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