Honey Bee Genetics

Disease Resistant Bees

Tips for handling queens

1.     Water your queens with a droplet of water after receiving them.

2.     Keep them out of the sun and away from any pesticides.

3.     The shipping containers are for shipment only. These queens should be used as soon as possible. If stored, they should be put into a bank hive.

4.     Be prepared for your queens. I do not recommend preparing your hives until you have received your queens. Delays can happen.

5.     If you plan on adding queens to a hive with a large population, we recommend that you slow introduction by adding additional candy, paper, or tape to the candy end of the cage. Or simply do not start the introduction until 2 days after putting them in a new hive.

Drone comb is common in any good hive. To keep your other frames with worker cells, place one drone comb to the edge of the brood nest all during the year. The bees will use it when they want it, and use it for honey storage the rest of the time.

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