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Russian Carniolan Bees

In 1993, the USDA chose Honey Bee Genetics to breed a "Yugo" Carniolan Stock using Instrumental Insemination.  Five years later, a second import was released from Eastern Russia. 

On the Primorski Peninsula, Carniolan Honey Bees had been brought all of the way from the Carnica Mountains in Yugoslavia. 

By moving to an area where mites existed on the Asian Honey Bee, it is believed the Carniolans had been parasitized by mites for one hundred years.  

This gentle, gray black bee has shown excellent resistance toVarroa and tracheal mites and so should not require as much mite treatment as other lines. 

These bees over winter very well and build up fast in the spring. This is an excellent choice for beekeepers who are experiencing losses caused by mites or beginning beekeepers who desire bees which take care of themselves. 

The use of chemicals has not been available to control this mite, so the resulting bees have developed a natural resistance. This stock is also a gentle and productive Carniolan bee which will please commercial beekeepers because of the excellent honey production.

Russian Yugo Carniolan

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