Beginner Beekeeping 102


Beginner Beekeeping 102: Techniques for Healthy Bees  – Ready to take your beekeeping to the next level? Learn what’s next in this intermediate level beekeeping class focused on backyard, hobbyist beekeepers.



Beginner Beekeeping Classes offered in partnership with The Beecharmers.  Selecting this product will take you to an outside website to purchase a class registration ticket.  Remember to continue your cart checkout for Honey Bee Genetics bee products! 
Saturday, June 19  –  10 am – 2 pm at The Cannery Barn in Davis, CA

Ready to take your backyard beekeeping to the next level?

This class is designed for Beginner Beekeepers with 0 – 3 years experiences and will focus on techniques and tasks for keeping your bees healthy and thriving.

This is a continuation of The Beecharmers’ Beginner Beekeeping Class and some basic beekeeping knowledge is helpful to join in during this hands-on, interactive class. Anyone is welcome to attend, prior attendance at The Beecharmers or other beekeeping classes is not required.


  • Honey Bee Communication
  • Managing Your Hives with the Seasons
  • Splitting and Combining
  • When and How to Requeen
  • Nutrition and Feeding: When, What, How?
  • Overwintering Strategies
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Tactics
  • Varroa Mite Life Cycle and Interventions
  • Diseases of the Brood
  • Late Summer/Fall Inspections & Troubleshooting
  • Honey & Other Products of the Hive


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